Tigerx is based in Warsaw, but with business presence and excellent networking and good communications in many countries in Middle East and North Africa.

Core Values

To provide our people with a strong understanding of our mission, promising future as well as shared values.To think like our customers and work hard on their behalf to achieve what we plan to. To pay full attention to business fundamentals To bring a commitment to quality and a sense of urgency to everything we do.

To rely on one another, to treat each other well and to put the development and motivation of our people at the top of our priority lists To encourage creation, innovation, experimentation and risk-taking in responsible way. To investigate and discover the source of bureaucracy as an archenemy and not allow it to inhibit our good sense of business and creative spirit. To provide stakeholders with an attractive return through sustainable growth To recognize and reward excellence by sharing Tigerx's success with our employees and partners.

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